Hearts Left Behind

Hearts Left Behind is Wendy’s first novel currently in need of a publishing home; a moving yet humorous tale of living and loving through grief.

The story is told through a rich and varied cast of characters led by the recently bereaved Alannah McAlister, with detailed and delightful descriptions that bring the page to life with a whiff of 90’s nostalgia. It is about sisterhood and families; those we are born into and those we choose and build for ourselves.

Ally McAlly is 26 and she is grieving. She has lost her Mum. But Ally is strong. Ally is soldiering on. She has loved ones to care for you see: her gentle dad and beloved younger sister, her classy and wise Grandmother, aunts and cousins. She needs to keep the show on the road and make sure all of them are OK.

And life is exciting; she has landed her dream job at the quaintly charming Cravens Publishing house where the characters who work there are as interesting as those in the books they publish, she has her wacky yet caring friends to keep her entertained and the handsome and geeky young man she literally bumped into on the night-bus.

But can she stem the flow of memories of her wonderful Mum that batter her right and left, threatening to overwhelm her? Will she realise that asking for help takes more strength than anything else? And that sometimes the only one who can save you – is yourself.

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